Riviera Seminar

Aikido, Crisis and the Future: “Where do we go from here?”

29-30 May, 2020

Welcome to Riviera Seminar 2020

This year’s onsite event in Montreux/Vevey Switzerland is unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and for this reason we will be offering an online active seminar instead.
The seminar will feature both Miles Kessler and Patrick Cassidy with guest instructor Daniel Messisco as well as another guest instructor TBA In keeping with the times, the theme for this year’s event is,
Aikido, Crisis and the Future: “Where do we go from here?”
This event will be mixture of physical practice, process work and contemplative inquiry. The event will feature class settings, one on one partner work, and small group exploration. The seminar will be hosted on the Zoom platform.

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Extra day

Special event - Bridging Paradigms

Due to the current situation this event is cancelled
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Schedule & Price

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Patrick Cassidy, 6th Dan

Cassidy Sensei has studied art of Aikido for over 30 years. He spent more than six and a half years living and training fulltime in Iwama, Japan with the late Morihiro Saito, 9th dan. He has also continued his study with other wonderful instructors such as Takeda Yoshinobu, 7th dan, Robert Nadeau, 7th dan, Richard Moon, 5th dan, Peter Ralston, (the founder of Cheng Hsin), and Vernon Kitabu Turner Roshi.
Cassidy Sensei also has committed himself to the practice of Yoga. During his stay in Japan he studied with Junko Tomonaga (Founder of the Tomonaga Yoga Institute). He also spent periods at the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh India. His study has taken him throughout Asia spending over three years travelling through India, Nepal and Tibet.
Patrick also offers a unique approach to the practice of meditation. Inspired by his own discovery of the inherent ground of being, and the traditions of Advaita Vedanta, Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism and Zen, Patrick facilitates individuals to engage the questions of Being and Evolving in a way that lead to authentic experience and change. The aspect of self awakening and evolution are important themes of the work done at Aikido Montreux. The teachings of Andrew Cohen, Vimala Thakar, Ajja, Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama have inspired the dojo's approach to the question of what does it mean to be alive and awake. Along with his own experiences and insight Cassidy Sensei offers a framework that gives students the chance to pursue the path of their own awakening and self transformation.

Miles Kessler, 6th Dan

Miles began aikido in 1985 and moved to Japan in 1989 to train Aikido full time. He lived in Japan for 8 years training full time at the famous “Iwama Dojo” of aikido’s founder, Morihei Ueshiba (O Sensei). In Iwama Miles trained under the guidance of the late Morihiro Saito Sensei, and Hitohiro Saito Sensei, including one year as "uchi-deshi" (live-in apprentice). Miles began teaching while in Japan under Saito sensei’s guidance and he has also taught internationally in Asia, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.
Since 1998 Miles has been a practitioner of Vipassana meditation in the Mahasi tradition of Burma and spent 3 years on intensive meditation retreat in Burma and Nepal.
In 2005 Miles moved to Israel and began teaching aikido and meditation. In 2010 he founded the “Integral Dojo”, a full time Aikido school, meditation center, and Integral practice community. He is also the founding director of "Aikido Without Borders", a Non-profit organization dedicated to bringing Israelis and Palestinians together in the practice of Aikido.

Kimberly Richardson, 6th Dan

Kimberly began her Aikido training at Naropa Institute in 1978 and shortly after moved to Seattle to train with Mary Heiny Sensei. Determined athleticism, psychotherapy practices and energy awareness skills are key elements of her spirited teaching.
Kimberly has studied throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan, most notably with Anno Shihan, Saotome and Ikeda Shihan, and Dobson and Read Senseis. She acted as chief instructor for The Apple Computer Aikido School in Cupertino, CA in 1989 and at Seattle School of Aikido from 1991 to 1995. In the fall of 1995, Kimberly founded Two Cranes Aikido, where she teaches the philosophy and practice of Aikido to people of all ages. As an adjunct faculty member at Antioch University for 10 years, she taught "Aikido as Martial Art and Spiritual Practice." Kimberly Sensei was promoted to the rank of 6th Dan by Mary Heiny Sensei in 2007.
Richardson Sensei's teaching style supports the individual growth of each student. In addition to teaching Aikido, she practices tai ji and ballroom dancing, and includes elements of these art forms in her curriculum at the dojo. Kimberly is a consultant and trainer, offering workshops in conflict resolution, effective management styles and self-defense to corporations and to educational groups. In 2008, Kimberly organized the nonprofit foundation Two Cranes Institute. Her goal is to advance the common good by integrating O Sensei's practices of compassion and applied nonviolence into the larger Seattle community of children, teens and adults.

Dave Goldberg, 6th Dan

Goldberg Sensei is the founder, director, and chief instructor of Aikido of San Diego.
Mr. Goldberg began his Aikido journey here in the US in the 1980s. In 1990 he moved to Japan for three-and-a-half years to train under some of the founder's most enduring and prolific disciples. He has a BA in Philosophy, an MA in Teaching, and served on academic faculties in the US and Japan for nine years before establishing the dojo in 2000.
Goldberg Sensei highlights an innovative, body-mind approach to training that is intended to transmit the living principle of Aikido:
"Aikido is embodied power and wisdom for living in a world that's in dire need of evolution. We take responsibility for this through our own training, knowing that it all begins with ourselves."

We are happy to invite you to 15th annual Riviera Seminar

Date: 29-30 May, 2020

Schedule (CET):
Friday: 19h00-21h00 Opening welcome, sharing guidelines and interactive process work
Saturday: 10-10h30 Welcome and short introduction to the weekend
10h30-13h first session with Miles and Patrick
13h-14h lunch break
14h-14h45 Aiki Cafe: bring a cup of coffee, tea or chai and join a breakout discussion groups in language friendly formats (each breakout room will be manned by a team member that facilitates a discussion on the theme pertaining to the seminar)
15h-15h55 Dave Goldberg
16h-16h55 Kimberly Richardson
17h-19h30 last session with Miles and Patrick
19h30-20h Goodbye Apero Party (share a glass and visit with the seminar instructors and participants)
Seminar fee: 50 CHF

Please use the registration form or contact us at info@aikidomontreux.com in order to confirm your participation in the event.

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