Stepping up to a new level

Stepping up to a new level

Following the Riviera Seminar is our one-day experiential event open to all and dedicated to using contemplation, movement and dialogue to discover new perspectives.  This year we will open the process to looking at what might be next for us as conscious beings.  How do we access a new level capable of meeting the ever-changing landscape of life?  By opening ourselves up to a sincere inquiry into this question and others, the event can be an opportunity for deep discovery and a catalyst for a new direction. 

When: Monday 6th June 2022

Where: Aikido Montreux

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Our teachers:

Miles Kessler

Miles Kessler is a teacher of Aikido (6th Dan Aikikai), meditation, and Integral Practice. He is a dual-lineage holder in both the Iwama tradition of Aikido and the Burmese Mahasi tradition of Meditation.

He is the founder and director of the Integral Dojo in Tel Aviv, as well as the non-profit organization Aikido Without Borders in Israel/Palestine.

For over a decade he and his team have been producing several renowned international Aikido events. For over 20 years he has been invited to teach Aikido, meditation, and Integral practice in many international workshops and retreats in dojos, organizations, corporations and think tanks.

Miles’ mission is to support people who are committed to a higher Path of practice in the areas of Aikido, meditation, mindfulness, personal development, embodiment and Integral Practice. He does this by guiding them to grow and progress towards their greater potential, through practices engaging body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Patrick Cassidy

Patrick Cassidy, 6th dan Aikikai, chief instructor of Aikido Montreux and Director of the Evolutionary Aikido Community.   Cassidy Sensei has studied art of Aikido for over 35 years. He spent more than six and a half years living and training fulltime in Iwama, Japan with the late Morihiro Saito, 9th dan. Cassidy Sensei has also continued his study with other wonderful instructors such as Takeda Yoshinobu, 7th dan, Robert Nadeau, 7th dan, Richard Moon, 5th dan, Peter Ralston, (the founder of Cheng Hsin), and Vernon Kitabu Turner Roshi. Cassidy Sensei also has committed himself to the practice of Yoga. During his stay in Japan he studied with Junko Tomonaga (Founder of the Tomonaga Yoga Institute). He also spent periods at the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh India. His study has taken him throughout Asia spending over three years travelling through India, Nepal and Tibet. The aspect of self-awakening and evolution are important themes of the work done at Aikido Montreux. The teachings of Mahamudra, Dzogchen, Advaita Vedanta, are all strong sources of support for Patrick’s work.   Along with his own experiences and insight Patrick offers a framework that gives students the chance to pursue the path of their own self transformation.  Patrick is also the founder of the Conscious Practice Institute, which offers conflict transformation programs.  He primarily offers programs to care givers in psychiatric facilities giving them tools to find systemic solutions to physical and emotional conflict in the therapeutic relationship. 


 Monday 6th June, 2022

 From 11h to 14h

 At Aikido Montreux


  • Early Registration one-day event: 60 CHF.-
  • Late Registrattion one-day event: 80 CHF.-
  • Early registration Riviera seminar + one-day event: 180 CHF.-
  • Late registration RivieraSeminar + one-day event: 200 CHF.-

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